End Blindness by 20/20 An appeal to the brilliant minds of this generation.

Governing Council

The Governing Council of the Sanford and Susan Greenberg Prize to End Blindness by 2020 is responsible for determining which project best succeeds in attaining the primary goal of the Greenberg Prize: the most major breakthrough in restoration of vision in human patients. For the Prize, the Council will also select an independent panel of expert judges from a range of disciplines, whose names and recommendations shall be kept confidential.

Dr. William R. Brody
President of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies    > Read Bio

Dr. Morton F. Goldberg
Chairman of the Board of the Foundation Fighting Blindness Clinical Research Institute    > Read Bio

Mr. Sanford D. Greenberg
Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins; Trustee, Johns Hopkins Medicine    > Read Bio

Mr. John W. McCarter, Jr.
Chair of the Board of Regents, Smithsonian; President Emeritus of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago    > Read Bio

Dr. Peter J. McDonnell
Director and William Holland Wilmer Professor of Ophthalmology at the Wilmer Eye Institute, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine    > Read Bio

Judge Michael B. Mukasey
Former Attorney General of the United States   > Read Bio

Mr. Jerry I. Speyer
Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Tishman Speyer    > Read Bio